Urban Sophisticats

By on December 5, 2018 0 98 Views

Though I had previously been exposed to cat grooming, nothing could have prepared me for the video shoot for Urban Sophisticats, “Colorado’s First Feline Exclusive Grooming Spa”.  As anyone will tell you, when you’re working with animals, it’s all about the energy, so I was interested in seeing how the shoot would go with more than one cat being groomed and I was not disappointed!

Cat’s have a well established and accepted reputation for being adverse to bathing and confinement, as well as, being uncooperative, so owner, Rachel Diller, wanted to give people a peak behind the curtain in a Highlight Video.  I couldn’t wait to see it for myself first hand!



This was an interesting project for me because of some specific features she wanted incorporated into the video, one of which I had never done before.  In addition to highlighting Urban Sophisticats services, Rachel requested a fair amount of B-roll, including the gift store, displays, and awards that adorn the space.  Not a problem at all as there was plenty of footage to capture!

The other feature she requested was to have an animated name title display for every team member.  Not being one to back away from a challenge, I explored my options and ended up trying my hand at Adobe After Effects software.  This gave me the perfect reason to expand my skill set and, for that, I am forever grateful for this amazing project.