Strides to Serenity

By on December 1, 2018 0 140 Views

I have worked with a number of businesses that make animals a crucial part of working with the energy people give off and take in, so when I was asked to produce a video for Strides to Serenity, I was so excited to show how these two worlds come together and show others.

During my initial consultation with Kate Lambert, owner and coach at Strides to Serenity, I found out she works with horses and I knew this was something I had to capture!  Knowing what I know about horses, I knew I was going to have to bring my A+ game.  As Kate mentions in her video, “they are like truth tellers”.



Days before the shoot, Kate and I had discussed what information should be shared in the voice over and we sketched out a short outline of topics to cover.  On the day of the shoot, I arrived bright eyed and with all my gear ready to capture Kate and her handsome partners.

Upon talking to Kate, she had trouble fleshing out the points we discussed earlier.  Not wanting to add any more stress, I sat down next to her and talked it out, asking leading questions to help her describe the incredible work she does.  I was able to recount things she had told me and before too long, she became more comfortable with the script and I was confident the voice over would compliment the footage beautifully.

I learned a valuable lesson on the day of the shoot that changed the service I provide my clients.  I am a story-teller and after this shoot I knew it was not fair to expect my clients to tell their story by themselves.  I now consult with my clients on scripting for their videos.  It has been such a benefit to me, my clients, and the finished projects.