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Photography Portfolio

Whether you are in need of a business headshot, action images for your website, or location images for a brochure, each project begins with an in-depth consultation where I learn about your business and help you determine the most effective way to utilize the images we produce.

Every business photography project fee is custom designed based on photography time, number of finished images, and complexity of the project.

Standard features of each photography project includes:

  • Photographing On Location
  • External Lighting
  • Full Photo Editing and Correction
  • High Resolution Images Delivered Electronically
  • Full Usage Rights Without Limit to Time



A professional Business Headshot is paramount in creating a positive first impression. The ability for potential clients to put a face to the name creates a sense of familiarity and helps to personalize your business. Professional Portraits are a must have in any business!  Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or professional, there are plenty of places to use your headshot. 



A professional Business Group Portrait conveys so many messages to the viewer.  It shows your company is a team effort and has multiple people working on behalf of your clients. Also, a group photo has a natural ability to reflect the personalities of the team. Potential clients feel more comfortable when they know who is behind the company and are more apt to become actual clients.



In every business, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.  From hands-on creations and company brainstorming sessions to the staff working together and client interactions, In-Action images allows the public to have a look inside to see the activity that happens when your company is hard at work.



Whether you are a contractor, designer, or architect, having Exterior and Interior Architecture images enables you to promote and market your services.  With a strong portfolio, highlighting completed building projects, is an effective way to give potential clients an idea of what you can create for them and see the possibilities are endless.