Boulder Doggie Adventures

By on December 18, 2018 0 130 Views

There is something magical that happens when I’m approached to produce a Concept Video.  The amount of creativity used to bring a concept to life makes for a very exciting project.  The consultation for Boulder Doggie Adventure began with my favorite sentence, “I have an idea, but not sure if it’ll work”.  Owner, Lyndsey Ballard knew the pure joy their four-legged clients receive with every adventure and thought it would be cool if a video could capture a typical day.

As we began brainstorming, Lyndsey began describing what happens during a doggie adventure and wanted to give her clients an idea of the fun their dogs experience and then she mentioned how the dogs actually seem to know and understand what is in store for them the minute they see the adventure leader at the door.  This one comment led me to suggest “A Day in the Life” concept video from the dog’s point of view.



She thought that was a great idea, so I offered up a light storyboard for the shoot and it was ambitions to say the least.  “What if we open with a scene of the dog who’s bored to tears at the door and then jump up in excitement when the adventure leader shows up and then film them with their friends on an adventure?  Oh, and then we can film them at the end of the day exhausted and dreaming about the day they just had…wouldn’t that be cool?”  All of the “impossibilities” left my mind when I heard her say, “Yes!  And I have the perfect dog in mind!”

“We’ve got one shot at this! Once he sees Katie, he will not be calmed down”. That’s what I was told as we hid behind the car across the street. As I set up my camera in the front yard, I was completely ignored. I hit record, yelled “Action”, and the minute Juneau sees Katie, the perfect take was captured!

All of the doggie models for this video were perfect and performed better than I could have ever imagined!  Thank goodness because there weren’t a lot of “take two” moments.