BIN 46 Wine Bar & Restaurant

By on December 11, 2018 0 125 Views

The video project for BIN 46 Wine Bar & Restaurant came about because the owner, Candy Campbell, wanted to help the public understand that they do much more than just serve wine. The best way to accomplish this was to produce a Highlight Video by filming some of the many features they offer the community.

As it so happened, they had a handful of HUGE events and activities already on the schedule, so I was able to plan filming around what was going on AND capture everything we wanted!



It was important to capitalize on the versatility of drinks you can order other than wine, including craft beer and cocktails, as well as show they cater meals, provide live entertainment, and even offer tapas!  To see Candy and her amazing staff rise above and beyond for their clientele was inspiring to capture.  The cool thing about setting out to produce a Highlight Video, I got to run around with my camera being a fly on the wall.  I was running from the dining area to the kitchen, from the bar to the back room where dinner plates were being prepared for a three course event dinner and even outside to capture the live music!

In the end, this was one of the most ambitious Highlight Video I’ve ever created merely for the fact that it wasn’t just a lot going on, it was the shear variety of things going on and mini-stories to tell!